Welcome to the Wonderful World of Care-mojis!

Designed by world-renowned artist Joanne Fink of Zenspirations®, Care-mojis™ are a fun and exciting way to express yourself and brighten anyone’s day. Whether your best friend is sick, your mother is celebrating her birthday, or your child aced an exam, there is a Care-moji for every occasion! Most Care-moji Collections are only $0.99 for 25 stickers, and are available in the App Store or on Google Play. Share these beautiful stickers to congratulate a friend, send an encouraging or inspirational note, celebrate a special moment or just say hello! 

We are working on new collections, including Scripture-Mojis, Prayer-Mojis, Celebration-Mojis, Support-Mojis and Friend-Mojis. If there is a phrase you’d like to Joanne to include in an upcoming Care-moji collection, send your request via: https://zenspirations.com/contact/

To stay up to date with Joanne’s work, follow her on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest, and visit her websites: zenspirations.com and whenyoulosesomeone.com.

Please read our privacy policy prior to downloading any Zenspirations® Care-mojis™.



$0.99. Includes 25 Stickers.
Show someone you care by sending colorful messages like “Thinking of you today”, “Hello Friend!”, “I'm here & I care”, “How did it go?” or “Love you & miss you”

Butterfly Inspirations

$0.99. Includes 25 Stickers.       If you know someone who loves butterflies, sending a beautifully illustrated butterfly message like “Love You!”, “Thanks so much”, “You are a Blessing” or “So grateful for our friendship” will make their day.


$0.99. Includes 25 Stickers.
Make someone’s day by sending colorful messages like “See you soon!”“Love You!”, “Great idea!”, “Have fun!” or “Thanks for letting me know.”

Congrats Stickers

$0.99. Includes 25 Stickers. Choose from a variety of colorful, congratulatory messages such as “Way to go!”, “You did it!”, “Awesome!”, “Doing the happy dance!” or “So proud of you!”

Get Well Wishes

$0.99. Includes 25 Stickers. Send a virtual hug with a heartfelt message like “Hope you feel better”, “Sending healing thoughts”, “Breathe”, “Hang in there!” or “Holding you in my heart…”

Shalom Stickers

$1.99. Includes 36 Stickers. Whether you want to kvell, kvetch or say ’Oy Vey!’, Shalom Stickers are a great way to brighten someone’s day. Phrases include “Chai there!”, “Mazal Tov”, “Shabbat Shalom” and "1st Class Mensch!”